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A Norfolk Botanical Gardens Engagement

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Suave + Sapphira . Engaged! A Norfolk Botanical Engagement

A Norfolk Botanical Gardens Engagement

Suave + Sapphira

Thankful!  Today my heart is overflowing with thankfulness.  When I think about couples like Suave and Sapphira my heart gets so full of joy.  I got to spend about two hours with them a couple of Sundays ago at the beautiful Botanical Gardens in Norfolk, Virginia.  If you have never been to the gardens, it is so stunning and the most perfect backdrop for any session.  I so enjoyed my time with Suave and Sapphira.  They are fun, sweet and truly a joy!  I had the best time walking with Sapphira and talking about her new role as a surgical assistant.  I had to ask all the questions because I think it is such a cool job.  She even told me she held a human heart, y’all!! Like freak me out! A human heart!  I was so amazed and riveted on all her amazing stories that she already had working in the medical field and I so love the passion she has for what she does.  We all need more of that!

When Suave and Sapphira at the gardens I was shocked to see two others ladies with them.  Sapphira brought an entire team for makeup and to carry her bags.  She had an entourage y’all!    I teased her because I’ve never had an entire team show up for engagement photos.  Her cousin did her makeup and she did so a stunning job. I was like where is your business card. Seriously, great job, cuz!  Suave and Sapphira were dressed in the cutest outfits that were so perfectly colored coordinated with a blue and yellow hue. The colors went so well with Botanical Gardens backdrop.  I kept screaming how much I was loving their pops of color coming off the greenery in the background.  These two did such a great job posing and having all the fun while doing it.

What I love most about Sapphira is her kind spirit.  She has the most beautiful smile that literally lit up my heart from behind the lens.  I love when people smile with no reservation and from the depths of their heart. Sapphira did just that.  And she was so easy to talk to and get to know. I was so impressed at where she was in life.  And Suave, I promise I am not going to forget him.  I loved his confidence and his fun sense of humor.  He wasn’t shy with laughing and having a good time.  And his confidence is so to die for!  These two seriously compliment each other so very well. They are getting married next August at the Gardens and Sapphira shared with me about her plans to have a gardens themed wedding.

To Suave and Sapphira, again and again it was truly and joy and honor to hang out with you guys on that Sunday.  You two were such a pleasure to get to know.  Thank you for entrusting us with such a special time in your lives.  We are so honored that you did and we cannot wait until next August to watch you two get married.  It is going to be the most beautiful wedding.  Thank you for sharing you most authentic smile and self with me.  So much love sweet friends! Until next time!


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