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Hey friends! Welcome to our world of love, laughter, and everything in between! We're the Vinluans, and we are excited to share a little piece of us with you. We are Virginia Wedding Photographers. 

We have three beautiful children, Jenson, Juliet, and Justice, and the newest addition to our tribe, Jedi, has brought so much joy to our family. Yes, we're a family of J's, and we embrace every bit of the joy, chaos, and adventure that comes with it!

 We believe in capturing more than just moments – we capture emotions, connections, and the genuine warmth that makes each wedding day unique. Our favorite parts of a wedding go beyond the grandeur; we cherish the intimate moments that often go unseen. From the tender father-daughter first look to the camaraderie of the groomsmen, the first glance between the bride and groom, heartfelt speeches, and the laughter that fills the air – these are the moments we live for & are our favorite parts of the wedding day!

We love making genuine connections and building warm relationships with our brides and grooms. The love we witness, the laughter we share, and the bonds we help capture – it's truly priceless.



Jennifer - A little bit awkward, but totally loves embracing it, natural encourager, lover of family & creating intimate & warm relationships,  enjoys working out, enneagram 2 winged 3...where all my caregivers & achievers at, obsessed with our 3 beautiful children, Jenson, Juliet, and Justice!
Jake -Phenomenal dad & husband, natural born leader, action figure collector, the greatest smile on the planet (Jennifer typing here)!! 

We love creating warm relationships with our clients, but love it most when the relationship goes beyond the wedding day.

We've received the Wedding Wire Couples Choice awards for several years & voted the top Virginia Beach wedding photographers by Wedding Rule in 2022 & Best of Virginia Beach in 2023 .  



We are proud parents of 3 beautiful children. Jenson, Juliet & Justice!

SWEET children at home


We photographed reality T.V. show 90 Day Fiance celebrities,  Tarik & Hazel's wedding & appeared on the show. 



Since 2012, we've served over 200 brides & the numbers keep going up. 

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We opened Vinluan Photography in 2012 & went full-time as wedding photographers in 2014. 

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You can pretty much find Jake searching for action figures for his collection at any Target or local toy store & I love coffee shops like Pour Favor & Coldpress.  I'm usually meeting a friend there chatting away.  

...jake, target & jen, a coffee shop!

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Jenson, Juliet & Justice! Being a parent is one of the hardest and most rewarding things in the world. Their energy, smiles and laughter makes every day....the easy days, the hard days and everything in between so worth it! 

...our sweet kids...duh!

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Jake isn't much of a coffee drinker, but me, I love a good latte with lavender & almond milk.  Sometimes I'll order two.  One to drink while meeting with a friend & then one for the road.  Lavender in coffee is just so yummy!

...lavendar lattes, of course!

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We love cruising the tropics!  It is our favorite kind of vacation just being trapped on a boat together finding all the fun things to do & stopping at all the islands exploring them.  Even our kids says this!

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