From beautiful Virginia Beach, Virginia


As a dedicated Virginia Wedding Photographer for over 10 years,  I've been honing my craft since 2012, unearthing endless avenues for creativity.
My mastery lies in orchestrating impeccable lighting situations, posing my clients, and I excel at forging deep connections with clients through effective communication & the joy of just knowing them.
Capturing weddings is my true passion, and it fills me with so much joy. After, so many years in the industry, I still cry at so many moments.  I've had the privilege of meeting countless remarkable couples, along with their families and friends, while serving our stunning brides and grooms on the most magical day of their lives.
I love finding pristine, top-tier light. This foundation paves the way for crafting timeless, exceptional photographs, ensuring that our couples have treasured memories to last a lifetime.
Among the most cherished moments of a wedding day, I hold a special place for heartfelt speeches. I love learning more about the bride and groom, and sharing intimate first looks and other profound moments.
I thrive on embracing fresh challenges, exploring unfamiliar venues, and continually pushing my creative boundaries to deliver photographs overflowing with enduring joy and love for our cherished couples.
The ultimate fulfillment comes when our clients send us  beautiful messages, affirming that our team has turned their dreams into tangible, cherished memories.

It would be our greatest joy to work with you!!! 



As a Virginia Wedding Photographer for over 10 years, my most cherished aspect of wedding photography is the unique privilege of becoming an integral part of a couple's day and sharing in the celebration with their loved ones. It fills my heart with joy to know that we are not only capturing memories but also extending our family, as our relationships continue to thrive well beyond the wedding day.
Some of my most treasured moments of a Virginia wedding day:
1. There's an unparalleled magic when the groom sets eyes on the bride for the very first time, a timeless and heartfelt connection that I have the honor of capturing.
2. Spending quality time with the groom and his select companions is an aspect I hold dear, relishing the camaraderie and anticipation that defines this pivotal day.
3. The speeches hold a special place in my heart, as they unveil unique stories and connections, delving into the rich history of the couple's journey.
While photography is at the core of my passion, my true delight on wedding days is in being an integral part of the extended family for that day. Witnessing the interactions, the abundant joy shared among family members, and the unity that defines these occasions is such a  joy. It's not just about capturing moments; it's about being a part of a larger narrative, a day where bonds are strengthened and love is celebrated.

I'm the one working behind the scenes, both behind the camera and on the lighting crew for film and TV shows in my normal 9-5 job.  Back in college, you'd find me in classes not taking notes but endlessly scrolling through wedding photography blogs and admiring those beautiful shots.
When it comes to weddings, you can bet I'll shed a tear during the mother/son and father/daughter dances – those moments get me every time.
I'm a bit of an introvert and a homebody, but if you want to get me talking, just start a conversation about coffee – it's my love language.
My favorite color? Well, it's cheetah print, no doubt.
I've got a confession: I love the show Bluey, probably way more than my kids do.
Shoutout to Vinluan Photography for capturing the magic of our wedding day. I absolutely adore the photos and the whole experience! The best part of my wedding day? That golden hour we spent taking photos – unforgettable. 

We asked Kelly why she likes working with/for Vinluan Photography, here was her response!
"I feel like I’ve learned/grown as a photographer exponentially more working with Jen, than I could have anywhere else. The bride/groom always leave the day LOVING their experience with Vinluan Photography, it’s fun to be apart of that! And the long car ride chats to and from the wedding with Jen always leave me encouraged as a mom, photographer and overall person!"