Michael + Kathleen . Married A Founders Inn Wedding

October 16, 2019

Michael + Kathleen

We pulled up to the Founder’s Inn in Virginia Beach and there were cars everywhere.  The parking lot was so full and people were hustling in and out of the hotel.  As we walked inside there were people everywhere. They had several events going that day from conferences to weddings.  We navigated through all the noise and found our gorgeous bride Kathleen. Her room was so calm and quiet unlike the hallways beyond their door.  After Jake & I greeted Kathleen we quickly made our way to Michael the groom who greeted us with the biggest smile.  From there we got started on the day.

Kathleen chose gorgeous pops of red with a wine red and greenery as her colors.  As I was working on the detail photos little drops of mist lie rain drops began to fall. With Kathleen’s wedding being held outside, I wondered if she was worried at all.  When I got back to the room her laid back personality easily brushed it off as she decided to move forward with her ceremony being outside. I love brides like her.  Actually, Kathleen is such a pleasure to know.  She is one of those types of people you can easily feel comfortable around.  She makes you feel like you’ve known her your whole life.  I remember telling her that during her engagement session and I made sure to tell her mom how much I’ve enjoyed getting to know her.  She really raised such a wonderful girl.

Michael is such a great guy too.  Jake kept telling me how much he enjoyed hanging out with him and his groomsmen.  He loved how happy they were all day.  During the ceremony he whispered to me how he’d love to be this couples friend.  How laid back and warm they felt.  I love how he is on the same page as me in regards to people.

The weather actually ended up holding up perfectly. There were just heavy clouds, mostly. Everything about the day was so smooth and easy.  My favorite part of the day was watching Michael and Kathleen’s joy.  Both of them were so full of happiness.  It showed all over their faces.  I always tell brides to enjoy their day no matter what goes wrong because you cannot get your day back.  These two so lived that up.  From our side, this made the day so much more enjoyable to photograph because the bride really is the one who sets the stage for the flow of the day.  Jake & I will always remember these two and their day as pleasurable and enjoyable (to know).

Michael & Kathleen’s day was just a small beginning of all the beautiful adventures they will experience as husband and wife.  Right now they are busy creating memories in Napa, California for their honeymoon, which I think is the coolest.  I so know they are having such a blast.

To Michael & Kathleen- Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts for allowing us the privilege of being a part of your special day. It was such a joy watching you celebrate with so much joy! We so hope you two will stay connected and pray your lives together will be so full of the same love and joy you shared on your day! With so much love!

– J&J

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