Michael & Brittany . Engaged A Lion's Bridge Engagement

October 16, 2019

Michael + Brittany

Truth be told, I’ll probably never ever forget Michael & Brittany’s engagement session.  Ever! It was a whopping 97 degrees on that October day.  Isn’t October supposed to be cool and breezy.  Well this day in October certainly did not get the memo.  Actually it was the hottest day in October history ever. And most people usually go for the fall clothing choice vibes just like Michael did.  Long think shirts and 97 degrees just do not match.  Whew! We were all sweating within minutes and Michael the worst of us all.

Despite the heat index and Michael’s soaking wet shirt these two were so happy and positive.  Michael just might be the biggest rock star in my book and Jake said this was one of his favorite session to cull through.  He said he laughed at all the personality Michael has which totally breathed through his every picture.  That is one of my favorite things about Michael.  He is fun!  He kept me laughing and on my toes because I didn’t know if he was going to do something silly in between shots.  I know this is probably one of Brittany’s favorite things about him too.

Michael is definitely the extravert of the two and Brittany, like me, is more of an introvert.  I so related to her in that way.  While Michael was a camera ham, those gorgeous red lips Brittany had on were the true show stopper.  I am always secretly jealous of girls who can pull off red lipstick.  I just never was able to.  I immediately wipe it all off, so when I saw Brittany’s red lips I was swooning.

These two choose the Lion’s Bridge in Newport News right near the Mariners Museum.  This location has special meaning to them. Brittany grew up around the area and visited often.  Her grandmother has a photo of her standing next to one of the lions, so Brittany asked if we could duplicate it.  How special, huh?  I just love stuff like that.  Don’t you?! Michael & Brittany originally wanted to have this location for their wedding, but decided not to.  So instead, they used it for their engagement session.

I really had such a wonderful time hanging out with these two during their engagement session. I loved watching Michael be goofy and Brittany just laugh her head off at him.  These two really balance each other so well.  I enjoyed hearing about their wedding ideas and plans.  I cannot wait to see it come together in May.

To Michael & Brittany thank you so much for allowing me to photograph this very special time in your lives.  We know May is going to be here so soon and we so hope you enjoy your engagement season!  Cannot wait to party with you guys!  So much love!

– J&J

Here is that photo Brittany wanted to duplicate her Grandmother’s photo here! So special!

Because this photo pretty much defines Michael & Brittany’s personality, I ended with it!

  1. Melissa Stokes says:

    I am Brittanys mother Melissa Stokes. She is my only daughter so of course I want her to have the best for her special day.Thank you so much for the beautiful pictures!!! You captured Brittany and Micheal at their best. You knew exactly what would make them both shine!!! You are so right that Micheal is ying and Brittany is yang. I cried looking at all the beautiful pictures of my beautiful children.

    • jvinluan says:

      So glad you enjoyed them! It was such an honor to be a part of their day. They both are such special people and we are just glad we got to know them for a moment in time! You are a wonderful mother! All the love! -Jennifer

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