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Jordan + Zach Engaged

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Zach + Jordan . Engaged A Chippokes Plantation State Park Engagement

Jordan + Zach Engaged

Zach + Jordan

I’ll never forget the day I met Jordan in a quaint yet booming coffee shop in the middle of Colonial Williamsburg.  It was just her dad and her there to meet me.  She strolled in and was absolutely adorable. It worked out meeting her there because I had an engagement session there just a little time after.  I listened in as Jordan began to tell me about herself, her wedding and Zach.  She told me how Zach was a Charter Boat Fisherman and I thought it was the coolest thing ever because I’d never met someone who did that for a living.  I couldn’t wait to meet him in person.

As Jordan and I began to plan her engagement session we finally settled on Chippokes Plantation State Park as their location.  I had never been there before, so I anticipated what it would be like.  I drove about an hour and a half toward Smithfield, Virginia through cotton fields and small one-way roads and finally arrived at the state park.  I chuckled on the inside thinking, “these people have me in the middle of nowhere.”   As soon as Jordan and Zach pulled up excitement filled my heart.  Jordan was stunning! Her hair and makeup were so perfect.  And Zach, I was so excited to meet a Charter Fisherman in person. As I listened in to Jordan’s vision for her engagement session my heart got even more excited.  I love all things beachy and light and airy.  Her outfit choices were so perfect.

We fought all the puffy thorn things and made all the magic. The Chippokes Plantation State Park turned out to be such a perfect location with so much variety.  We had beach with high grass photos and gorgeous southern countryside photos.  I am so glad these two chose this location.

Despite all the puffy thorn things getting stuck in our clothes and shoes and all the walking, we did, we had such a blast together. Jordan is so personable and fun to get to know.  I told you what Zach did, but I haven’t told you what she does.  She is a dental hygienist with the greatest teeth and smile.  Zach is quiet but super charming especially with all his pro nuzzling skills! Haha! 😉 Inside joke.  I loved getting to know him and so enjoyed spending some time with him.

To Zach & Jordan thank you so much for introducing me to a new gorgeous spot and allowing me to take your absolutely gorgeous images. I hope you love these as much as me. It was such a joy hanging with you that day!  You are such a gem and Jake & I cannot wait to be a part of your wedding next year! We are so counting down all the days! Wishing you such a wonderful engagement time together! But we cannot wait for your wedding day!  So many congrats! -J&J

Jordan + Zach Engaged

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