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Sam & Heidi Wedding

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Sam + Heidi . Married A Historic Post Office Wedding

Sam & Heidi Wedding

Sam + Heidi

It is hard to describe how much Jake & I loved being a part of Sam & Heidi’s wedding day.  The day was so authentic and genuine and full of the best kind of love. We are always a little nervous when we’ve not had the chance to meet the bride and groom before their big day because we don’t always know what to expect.

Sam & Heidi went to France during their engagement time and when I suggested us taking their engagement photos she mentioned that they decided to do them in France, which meant we didn’t get to spend those two hours with them.  But how could they turn engagement photos in France down?  I sure would not.  Even though we didn’t get to meet them (like most of our brides before hand) they felt like family.

Meeting Heidi on her wedding day was pure joy.  I loved her confidence mixed with her joyful & full smile.  Each of her bridesmaids were true gems and Jake and I both could not commenting on how much Sam & Heidi’s bridal party was bonded to them in some special way. None of them were just the guy or the girl next store.  You could tell each of them had invested depth in some way with Sam & Heidi.  We think those are the best kind of weddings because the celebration is more genuine and fun.

Their ceremony took place at St.  Johns Episcopal Church in downtown Hampton.  A few blocks down was their reception venue, one of our absolute favorite venues, The Historic Post Office.  I think that place only has the best brides because we’ve loved every single wedding we’ve ever done there.  Heidi did such an extraordinary joy piecing her day together.   From the details to the glow sticks on the dance floor to the sparkler exit every thing was so well thought out and really resembled her personality.  Heidi chose navy, gold, ivory and sprinkles of blush as her colors, which I so loved.

These two love to travel.   They have been to so many fun places such as Cuba, London, Paris, Barcelona, Asheville, Atlanta, Philly and the Outer Banks.  They are taking their honeymoon just around Christmas to South Africa and Morocco. Urm, how cool is that!? So jealous! Sam loves that Heidi is so thoughtful, compassionate, and really cares for the people around her.  And Heidi loves how hard working & driven Sam is. She loves that he makes her laugh a lot and feel special.

Some of the things I loved most about Sam & Heidi’s wedding was the friendships and the warmth everyone had for each other.  I loved seeing Heidi and her maid of honor, Eleanor’s close relationship.  Eleanor was such an incredible maid of honor.  A lot of her girls were such great bridesmaids.  They were there at every step to help her.  I really love seeing that. Heidi was raised by her grandmother & grandfather. I so enjoyed witnessing Heidi’s deep love for them. Also, I could feel the love and the amount of work and creating of this wedding that Sam & Heidi did.  It was so well thought out and so their own in so many ways. Lastly, all the fun this group had on the dance floor brought my heart so much joy.

 I told you it would be hard to describe how much Jake & I loved being a part of their day.  Jake isn’t even here to really write what he loved about Sam.  It was a lot.  He couldn’t stop talking about it all the way home and for days later.

To Sam & Heidi!  Thank you so very much for allowing us to celebrate with you.  For entrusting us with such a great & important moment in your lives.  We wish you so much happiness and joy.  We can’t wait to watch your future unfold.  So much love! – J&J

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