Matt & Jennifer . Engaged! A First Landing Engagement Session

November 12, 2019

Matt & Jennifer

The week before last I met up with the most perfect Matt & Jennifer!  These two traveled all the way to the gorgeous First Landing State Park for their engagement session and it was just the most perfect day for a shoot!  The colors were absolutely perfect, the temperature wasn’t too cold or too hot and the light was gorgeous. Those three things make such an amazing recipe for a good good session.   Jennifer’s bright yellow dress was such an awesome color choice for the stunning backdrop First Landing State Park offers.  My eyes did all the happy dancing as they looked through the eye hole in the back of my camera.

You definitely cannot tell this, but Jennifer was a little nervous before her session. I completely get it.  All the things that go into getting ready for such an important session can be overwhelming.  I didn’t realize it until we started to have family photos taken every year.  Whew, trying to find the perfect outfits that show the best color and are the most flattering can be so difficult; especially when you are going into a new season. And then all the stresses and wondering if the photographer is going to pose you in the best ways to flatter you. I get all the nervous energy because I have been there time and time again.  I love that after about 10-15 minutes in my couples always relax, loosen up, get more comfortable and have fun.

And guess what!!!!?  Matt and Jennifer were absolute naturals behind the camera.  Plus, Jennifer’s makeup was stunning.  The photos seriously speak for themselves.  I loved everything about her great big smile and Matt just compliments her so well in all of these photos.  My heart truly sang with joy reminiscing through these.   It makes me so excited for their wedding knowing how natural they are behind the camera!

Overall this session was a lot of fun.  Even having to take off our shoes and socks to walk through knee high deep waters filled this session with laughter and adventure.  If their engagement session is anything like their wedding I CANNOT WAIT!!  It really was the best time!

To Matt and Jennifer thank you so much for making my job easy.  I told you it would be amazing and truly I love these how well these photos turned out!  Jake & I cannot wait until next year to celebrate with you two amazing people, but for now we are wishing you such a happy and joyful engagement season.

-So much love!!! –J&J!


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