Kevin + Danielle . Engaged! A First Landing State Park Engagement

November 11, 2019

Kevin + Danielle Engaged

Kevin + Danielle

The weather in Virginia Beach has been so unpredictable and rainy lately.  You can never really know what the weather here is going to do. Danielle was watching the weather report daily.  She was so nervous because their session date was calling for rain days in advance. We texted multiple times and made backup plans to the back up plans.  Kevin, her finance was leaving for a while on military duty and they wanted to get this engagement session in before he left and this was the last day they could do.  Thankfully, the weather held out for them and we were able to get some really great photos of them, but not without some obstacles.

I have been to First Landing State Park so many times and have never had to climb through so much water.  I think with all the rain we’ve been having here combined with high tide.  The water was so high.  I felt so bad for Kevin who was in his military outfit.  He had to de-sock and de-shoe at ever single small lake (but really they were large puddles).  He was the biggest star of this session.

Despite the puddle challenges this session was so easy and fun.  First Landing State Park never disappoints.  It is one of my favorite places in Virginia Beach to take engagement sessions because there is so much variety in such a short space. No session ever looks exactly the same.  A lot of my usual spots were flooded with water, so this caused me to have to think quick.  I love jumping outside the box though, because it challenges me to try new things, which I love to do!

Kevin and Danielle were so easy going and fun to talk to.  It really was a relaxing session overall.  It is hard enough to have your pictures taken professionally for the first time, but these two made it so easy and calm.  I loved that about them.  With all the rain scares these two were just thankful they were able to have their session.   And I have to mention my absolutely favorite thing about Danielle…her gorgeous hair. I made her show case that hair at all stops!  <3

To Kevin and Danielle thank you so much for being so easy going!  You made your session absolutely gorgeous.  Thank you for entrusting us!  We are so excited we get to be a part of such an important moment in your journey.  Wishing you both such a happy engagement and we cannot wait to see you both next year! Until then enjoy this season!

-So much love!!! –J&J!



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