Andy & Ally . Married A Country Villa Inn Wedding

November 13, 2019

Andy & Ally

I will literally never forget the day Ally and her mother met me in my living room.  She had two completely different patterned socks on.  I jokingly commented on them and she smiled back with the best response.  Her response has actually set me free from caring if my socks ever match.  She said so carefree, “it relieves the stress of trying to find the match!”  I mean yes! How many of you hunt for socks that the supposedly “sock monster” ate from the dryer to no avail?  I use to be one of those, but after my very first meeting with Ally, I have been set free.  Thank you, Ally!!!

But I promise this post isn’t about socks and sock monsters, but about Andy & Ally’s gorgeous wedding at the Country Villa Inn here in Virginia Beach.  It was our very first time photographing a wedding at this location and surprisingly it was just up the street from our house, so we didn’t have far to go.   These two love the outdoors and pretty much anything that comes along with being outside, which is why this venue fit so perfectly with these two.  Jake & I actually recommended it to them because we knew it would offer the rustic outdoor feel that Andy & Ally love.   We love when we get to help out with the vision of our brides wedding theme.

This wedding was so laid back.  The weather was a perfect temperature somewhere in the mid-60’s.  The day was so easy and flowed so well.  I can’t even think of any hiccups.  And the joy of Ally’s family and friends there was so apparent.  I loved watching everyone celebrate with her.

One of my favorite things about their wedding was the catering.  I must give a shout-out to the catering.  I know that is an odd thing, but Ally really struggled to find a catering vendor that really fit what she was looking for.  When Jake & I came in from doing the formal photos we grabbed a couple of the appetizers and oh my goodness.  We quickly made our way to the chefs for the night to rave on how yummy it all was.  That is when they let us know they were the culinary class from the school Ally graduated from.  I was shocked because the quality of their food surpassed so many vendors we’ve tasted. No offense, but super kudos to Donny Franklin of Grassfield High School and the students that joined him that night.

Andy & Ally met through one of Andy’s good friends.  He proposed at Ruth Chris about two years into their relationship.  They both share a love for their rescued dogs Lady, Lola, and Rosco.  Ally loves how dedicated Andy is with the dogs.  Allly is one of the caring and most thoughtful people I have ever met. When she found out I was pregnant she immediately texted me to ask me what all my favorite snacks were so that she could have them ready for me on her wedding day.  And not surprising at all her two maid of honor’s, Melissa & Lauren, shared about how caring of a heart Ally has.

These two were planning to go on an Alaskan cruise for their honeymoon, but couldn’t at this time because of the timing of year.  Um, that is one of my dreams and I so hope you guys definitely go soon, so I can live through you guys for a while.

To Ally & Andy and all your family and friends.  Thank you for allowing to celebrate along-side of you guys.  Thank you for making us feel so much a part of your family.  We definitely didn’t feel like vendors, but guests.  Your day was so perfect and we were so blessed to be a part of it.

Wishing you both so much joy and happiness.

-So much love!!! –J&J!

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