Kevin + Krystal . Married A Water Table Wedding

July 31, 2019

Kevin + Krystal

We asked Krystal what her favorite thing about Kevin is and here was her exact response!  “Definitely his humor! He has a sense of humor that is so unique and unpredictable.”  I just have to start their blog here because Kevin’s humor is absolutely unique and unpredictable.  You almost had to be at their ceremony to really catch this, but during Kevin’s speech he out of no where makes a joke that his mom didn’t really like Krystal at first.  My mouth about dropped.  The way he said it was so funny.  Later I asked his mom if it was true and she laughed and said no!  He had all the guest crackin’ up at his dry humored jokes. It is almost shocking because Kevin is so quiet and reserved at least all my interactions with him have been that way, but his humor sure does show a different side to him.

Now on to their wedding day, which is why we are all really here!  Kevin and Krystal got married at the gorgeous Water Table at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront.  It was our first time photographing a wedding there. Jake and I easily fell in love with the venue.  It offers a super light and airy feel with all the windows that stretch across the water and the venue staff was so sweet and kind.  Krystal was already ready when we arrived and all the family and friends were hustling around getting all the last minute details ready for the reception.  The place looked gorgeous.  Her colors were a blush pink with a navy blue.  My absolute favorite! All the pre-ceremony getting ready photos breezed by and the ceremony started.  Family and friends filled the entire room overlooking the water. Krystal came down the aisle as such a gorgeous bride with her daddy on her arm.  I always love watching the groom’s reaction as the bride takes the aisle. Laughter filled the ceremony.  It was either Kevin’s unique jokes or Krystal’s, but there was laughter on everyone’s faces.  Just after the ceremony we headed outside to beat a storm rushing in.  We were able to get just a few shots of the bridal party before the clouds started darkening in the distance.  Just five minutes into Kevin and Krystal’s bride groom portraits we ran to take cover as the rain started pouring.  Thankfully, the storm passed in an hour which allowed us to go out and take more photos after.  The reception was so fun.  Everyone had the best time celebrating.

I have truly enjoyed getting to know this couple. These two are practicing Christians and I love how they live and share their faith.  We’ve been able to visit their church and break bread with them after. And Krystal has even come and visited our marriage enrichment group.  These two are moving up North very soon, which I know will leave a big whole in their churches hearts as they both serve so faithfully.  Kevin is joining the military and Krystal will be taking some time off.  She has worked with children in the public school for a couple years.  These two have known each other since high school, so this wedding was a long time coming.  They both enjoyed their honeymoon on a cruise to the Bahamas!

And we are wishing them both such a happy life together. Cannot wait to see all the little babies they will have.  Thank you to the both of you for allowing us to share in your day and to get to know you both a little more than the surface.  So excited to see you both flourish in your next season of life.  So many congratulations!  With so much love! –J&J




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