Addam + Breana . Engaged A Colonial Williamsburg Engagement Session

October 24, 2019

Addam + Breana 

This was such a fun engagement session. Well all of our sessions are pretty fun, honestly, but these two made my job so easy.  I don’t really want to call it that, because I love it too much for it to ever actually feel like it is a job.  Addam & Breana are just so laid back & easy going.  Truly a breath of fresh air.  They just went with the flow, smiled when I asked & followed instructions so well.

Addam reached out to me via our website, which I loved.  I think it is so awesome when the guys show so much interest in the wedding planning process.  I’ve pretty much done all corresponding with him.  These two were referred by The Glasgow Farm in Fredericksburg, Virginia.  We did a wedding there a few years ago & they put us on their preferred vendor list.  Thank you guys!  That is how these two got our names & I am so glad they did because I love love this venue & am so stoked for the opportunity to get back.

Since these two are from Northern Virginia we decided on an almost half-way point for their engagement session & agreed upon Colonial Williambsurg, Virginia.  It was such a perfect backdrop for these two. I just loved every bit of it! Except for one thing.  The day we planned their session was a Sunday & that just so happened to be the date of a busy festival.  Eeeek!  Parking took forever & when I turned the corner to head to our planned meeting spot people flooded the streets everywhere.  Thankfully, there were a lot of quiet spots that were just as beautiful as all the spots I originally  planned for.  And really I am just so so happy with these photos.

Addam is a teacher for middle school.  It is his first year & he is loving it! Breana works in retail currently & is going to school for counseling.  I loved chatting with her about this because before I became a wedding photographer I attended Liberty University for my Christian Counseling degree.  So Breanna & I talked about our mutual love for knowing how people tick.  That is probably one of my favorite topics of conversation.

It really was such a joy hanging out with these two cutes on that lovely fall day in October. Jake & I are so excited to be able to celebrate with these two next October!  But for now, we are wishing them a very happy engagement time.  Praying all the joy over you two & God’s greatest blessings during this season.  See you guys so soon!

-So much love!!! –J&J!

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