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The Last Time I Cried Who Knew?! Personal Blogging

So, I totally just googled “things to blog about!”  Why?! Well they (all the big time business leaders) say that business owners should be sharing things about their personal life in order to relate to potential clients, but I am horrible at doing this!  Not because I don’t want to share things about my personal life or because my life isn’t really that interesting.   I am just so bad at sitting down and actually blogging, unless it is to show you the last awesome wedding or engagement session we did.   That is easy because the photos are well…done! I just add words about the experience and viola.  Not much thought goes into that.   I’d rather be playing with my kids…, truthfully they are just to loud and busy for me to actually have sanity to think about what to blog about.

I found a site that gave me 50 (FIFTY) things that I could potentially share when my mind is blank.  I started skimming the list and thought wow these are great things to share about.  🙂  So, thank you to “Fat Mum Slim” for your awesome blog on what to blog about! Haha! <3  Forever, grateful to you!

 Today, I am going with the last thing that made me cry! Ha! This should be fun to share.

Last Wednesday (a week ago today) I started to get an ear ache REALLY bad.  I immediately knew it was an ear infection.  Been there, done that, can pretty much diagnose myself…thank you very much!  Sadly, a prescription was needed, so I had to do the inevitable…head to the worse place ever (sorry Abby), Patient First. I cringe every time I have to go there.  Christmas Day 2016 I was literally left with blood squirting out of my arm because they just didn’t do the job right.  You’d cringe too, I promise (if you don’t already)!

Because I work for myself, we’ve been stuck with doing the whole Obama Care.  I’m not saying anything bad about Obama, but the whole thing just made insurance deductibles a nightmare and having insurance really worthless, in my opinion.  When you get a doctors bill of $3,000 in the mail after your son falls off a trampoline and hits his head on a cement block and has a true concussion you will agree with me.  Jake & I literally cringe if any of us have to visit an emergency room because we are going to be paying.  This year back in December we went to apply for Obama Care and it was even worse than before.  We decided to look into the Liberty Health Share, consulted a friend who uses it and decided this would just have to be a better option for our family. Sorry to be babbling on about insurance, but it’s part of my story.  🙂

Back to Wednesday at Patient First and the last time I cried.   I arrive and they tell me they don’t take my insurance.  I let them know that is okay then I will self pay and be reimbursed.  Please keep in mind I have probably spent over $500+ (I haven’t done the math) in the last two weeks for other health related issues between myself and Juliet.  I go through with the visit and surely I am diagnosed with an ear infection.  The doctor offers to have my prescription filled there and of course I want relief right away, so yes.  The catch, its $100!!!  Uh, excuse me?! I am seriously contemplating paying her the $100 because I am in that much pain.  I hand her a discount card that I got from Liberty and she says, “oh wait it is $65 now.”  Okay, yes I will take it!  I was in so much pain.  I take my lovely medicine to the register to cash out and the lady says that will be $100.  Huh?!  The doctor said its $65.  She asks me to hold on and runs to the back.  I am not gonna lie here.  I held that little box of medicine in my hand and contemplated sticking it in my purse and leaving the box empty.  She’d never know.  I knew I couldn’t do that.  Come on, I do have a little bit of ethics here.  My next thought is I can take some of it.  At least it will be in my system long enough for me to get some tomorrow at a cheaper place.  I didn’t do that either.  The lady comes back and tells me it is, indeed, $100.  The doctor got it wrong! Thanks doc! I grab my things and leave.  I was so upset and frustrated at the health care and insurance situation.  I just started crying…sobbing.  I was so angry.  It was pouring down rain and I drove home crying my eyes out.  I was slamming everything….the doors, my shoes….I am really surprised I made it home safely in hindsight. And I cannot remember the last time I have cried like that.  Jake came to the couch and tried to get me to tell him what was wrong, but it took like 15 minutes before I could even communicate how angry I was.

I promise I am not going to rave my angers on here about the health and insurance systems because it isn’t my place.  I just thought it would be fun to open up a little and share something a little personal about the last time I cried.  #reallife #ipromiseiwasntgonnasteal

How about you, when was the last time you cried!?


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