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Pre-Ceremony! Helpful Tips to Prepare for your Wedding Day


Let the Day begin!

It is finally here, your day!  You have waited for this moment lets make it as perfect and stress-free as possible.  We have decided to break-down each part of a wedding day and share tips and tricks that will ensure a seamless and unforgettable wedding day!



Getting Ready!

It’s the morning of your wedding! Hopefully all of the little details are taken care of and you’re relaxing with your best friends while your hair is being done. If certain items haven’t been checked off of the to-do list, it’s time to hand them over to someone else. Delegation is a key part of a stress-free wedding day.  I know it’s hard to hand over the decorating duties and all of the last minute things that need to be done, but it really is important to relax the morning of your wedding. The rest of the day is going to be fast paced and filled with a lot of emotions! Take advantage of this down time!  There are a few things to consider about the “getting ready” portion of the day.  Do you want to share a “first look” with your dad or any other person who plays a huge role in your life? We’ve even had some brides request first looks with their bridesmaids.

Will you and your groom be exchanging gifts during this time? If so, who would you like to deliver them? Are there certain women in your life who would appreciate seeing you get into your gown? Some brides want very few people around for this moment. Other brides love having aunts and grandmas present! It’s totally up to you!  A few other things to consider…. as you get ready to put your dress on, refrain from putting any jewelry on.  I love shooting all of those final steps once you’re in your gown!  Speaking of the gown, if your gown is on a plastic hanger, try to make a note to bring a wooden hanger along for picture sake. If you forget, no big deal! I’m a pro at finding wooden hangers at venues! We actually carry a really nice hanger along with us just incase! 😉 Keep reading along for more “getting ready” tips to help you prepare!

Please note:  I rarely ever take photos of the bride and bridesmaids getting dressed.  Some people are private and we prefer to photograph you in your very best moments.  We will often stage everyone around you to show the “getting dressed” portion.  If you would like us to photograph you actually getting dressed, please let us know.



The Window Effect


By having just a  simple window in the bridal prep area, I am able to create beautiful portraits with soft light.  I prefer natural light so the more windows, the better!

Every Little Detail


The whole day begins with the DETAILS!  This is one of my favorite parts of the wedding day, because it allows me to prepare and get my creative side warmed up for the rest of the day! I photograph a bride’s details in a way that matches and showcases the style of the entire wedding day.  So, in some ways, the details set the stage for the look of the whole wedding and I love having ample time to stylize, and shoot everything from the dress, to the jewelry, to grandma’s handkerchief!  Bewlo, you’ll find a list of the most common details that I shoot.  I ask brides to gather any details they have before I arrive so that I can walk in, say hello, give you a big hug and then begin with all the goodies!  (Please assure your mom that I will take GREAT care of the dress, I promise!)



Veil / hair pieces
Rings (all three)
Bouquet & bout
Invitation Suite
Borrowed & Blue
Loose Flowers from your Florist (Be sure to request this in advance)
Any extra elements special to your day that can be photographed with your details

We also have a more thorough list that includes what to bring for the groom too and you can check that blog out by clicking here.


Gather the goods

If possible, collect all of your details before I arrive so that I can begin quickly and have more time for some “getting ready” shots of you and your girls!

Extra Elements

Sometimes, depending on the theme and “look” of the wedding day, there may be some extra elements that you could include when you gather your details.  For eample, if you’re having a country themed wedding, you could include a piece of burlap or lace.  If you’re  having a rustic themed wedding that includes some wooden elements, maybe save a small piece of wood for me to use when I’m shooting your rings and jewerly.  This REALLY makes for beautiful, consistent album spreads!

Keep All Three Rings


The most common detail missing when I arrive are the rings! Moms, officiants and planners will tell you to hand over your wedding band to the best man before the day begins. However, it’s actually better to hand it over during the bridal party portraits so that I can shoot some great ring shots in the AM!  If you forget, no worries, I can always shoot the ring shot at the reception  if there is extra time!

Bring the Bouquet


Don’t forget the Bouquet! Have the bouquets and bouts delivered to the bride before the first look so that she can have her bouquet in her portraits. No worries, if it’s hot, we’ll be sure to keep it in water as much as possible before the ceremony!

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