Joe + Ashley . Married A Woman's Club of Portsmouth Wedding

September 6, 2019

Joe + Ashley

One of my favorite moments to experience during any wedding is the joy, excitement and solemn realization of a new life starting a new journey together.  Most the time this happens with tears and other times with pure joy shared on the bride and grooms face. I love getting the front row seat to seeing this.

For Joe and Ashley, it was during their first look moment when the two of them saw each other in such a private moment for the first time on their wedding day.  Tears filled Joe’s face as he saw his gorgeous bride, Ashley.  Ashley’s eyes were also filled with huge tears.  I loved watching him admire everything about her in that private moment with no one else around.  He could take all the time that he needed to do it. I held back tears as Ashley wiped back the tears from Joe’s eyes.  It was such a magical moment.  At the very end of their first look, I loved hearing Joe say how glad he was that they shared that special moment before their ceremony.  It was such a joy to get to be a part of watching their love for each other.

Joe and Ashley met through their friend Alyssa.  I actually heard the full story last night talking to Alyssa on the phone.  I always ask the couple what their favorite things are about each other.  Ashley loves Joe’s huge heart and Joe love’s Ashley’s bubbly personality and how she lights up every room.  Both of these two are absolutely amazing. Both kind and full of joy.  Oh, and did I mention gorgeous!!?  These two love being outdoors.  They love the beach! Joe loves to surf and Ashley loves watching from the beach!  And when they aren’t feeling active they love to snuggle up with their pup, Lita!

The Woman’s Club of Portsmouth, where the reception was held is one of our favorite venues.  It’s gorgeous high wood ceilings, big windows, and light colored walls is so beautiful for any wedding.  The dusty blue, sage, and cream colored wedding colors was a perfect choice for this venue.    The weather was perfect all day.  Beautiful, warm and sunny!  The ceremony was held at St. Paul’s Church in Portsmouth, Virginia. The church was truly picturesque. Everything was absolutely perfect!

While this wedding was a visual dream, it was also so heartfelt and fun.  It felt like “family” at every turn and was one of our favorite weddings of the year. Ashley was one of the easiest and most laid back brides I’ve ever worked with.  Truly a joy! And hearing her friends and family talk about how kind and sweet she is confirmed everything I already knew about her.  Jake & I felt so incredibly honored to be the ones to capture their day.  It was such a joy and such a beautiful day.

Super huge shout-out to Joe and Ashley’s friends and family. You all made their day so special and easy, which always makes our job so easy!  Thank you for being so awesome!

To Joe and Ashley, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for allowing us the great joy of photographing your wedding.  It was pure joy!  Thank you for enjoying every single second of your day! It showed in every moment!  Wishing you both such a joyful and happy life together!  So much love!

– J&J


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