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Baby Jaxon! A First Landing Maternity Session

Last Thursday we FINALLY got to meet-up at First Landing State Park!!! Finally!!! The rain this summer has been so horrible and so unpredictable.  After 2 attempts of having Melanie’s maternity session we finally got lucky on the third attempt!  On the first time the weather app said rain so we cancelled and guess what!!!? No rain!!!  The second time the weather app said no rain…guess what!!! Rained!!  It has just been so crazy.

But we finally made it this Thursday and it was so fun getting to spend time with Melanie, her two dogs Roscoe and Coby.  I hoped I spelled those right! 😉  Oh, and her good friend who helped with those cute little dogs.  Thank you!

Melanie is carrying the cutest little Jaxon.  Yes, I know he is gonna be cute because just look how gorgeous Melanie is AND I REALLY hope he gets Melanie’s gorgeous southern accent.  I could literally listen to her talk ALL. DAY. LONG!!! NO JOKE!!!  She is from North Carolina where the accent is strong.  I hope she keeps it forever. 😉

This is Melanie’s first baby boy and she is due in September.  A good friend of ours and past wedding clients referred this sweet gal to us and we are so glad.  Melanie was such a trooper walked over a mile and climbed in some water to get some awesome photos.

Melanie! Thank you so very much for entrusting us to capture like he second most important thing in your lives.  We wish you such a amazing remainder of your pregnancy and so hope that everything goes to smooth.  We know Jaxon will be such a joy to you!  And I pray also that he’d bring amazing joy to everyone that comes into his presence.  Thank you for the gift of photographing this time in your life! So much love! <3

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