Tyler + Caitlin . Married A "Tropical Storm Dorian" Wedding

September 20, 2019

Tyler + Caitlyn Married

Tyler + Caitlyn

We completely agree that there must be a first time for everything.  Photographing weddings at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront as Tropical Storm Dorian skirted the coast was definitely a first.  Tyler and Caitlin’s small intimate wedding took place at the Hilton Garden Inn Virginia Beach Oceanfront.  It seems to be a popular place for us this year.  We were just at the ocean front 6 days before photographing a wedding and the scenes of the beach were completely different.  The weekend before there were umbrellas and people covering the shore and children playing so carelessly in the water, but this weekend the waves were huge, the winds strong, heavy clouds and rain and not many people in sight, just the brave souls looking for some adventure.

Despite the weather, this wedding was so fun and a joy to be a part of.  Jake and I love being a part of small intimate weddings.  They just have such a laid back family feel to them and less stressors than bigger weddings.

I love Tyler and Caitlin’s story on how they got together. I could hear it over and over.  It is just the sweetest.   They both worked as zookeepers at Busch Gardens and Caitlin was the brave one and basically asked Tyler out first.  Tyler proposed at Disney Animal Kingdom on the Savor the Savanna tour.  He was brave enough to do it in front of the tour guides and all the guests on the tour.  And I so loved how they had Disney theme songs threaded through their wedding at different parts.  We did that at our wedding too.  It keeps the child alive.

These two love animals and enjoying zoos together. Actually, Caitlin is currently a zookeeper at Maymont Park.  Caitlin said her favorite thing about Tyler is how he makes her laugh.  I can say that is so true and if you look at their photos he does such a good job of lighting her up.  I love Tyler’s contagious smile, just like my husbands.  I don’t think he could smile any bigger.  He is truly a sweet and kind soul.  I love Caitlin’s quiet strength and I love watching these two interact with such a sweet love for each other.

We have been photographing back to back weddings, four in seven days.  And this was the third in that lineup.  The joy and energy of this wedding left us to thankful for all the sweet couples we get to call ours.  Tyler and Caitlin’s infectious smiles were a dream.  They are seriously the cutest couple and so obsessed with each other in the best way.  You could feel how ready they were to be husband and wife!

Jake and I are so thankful we got to witness such a joyful day.  Wishing these two such a happy life together and screaming the loudest congratulations. Thank you both for the honor to photograph you guys!  With so much love!


Tyler + Caitlyn Married

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