The Marpuri Family Session A Croatan Beach Family Session

August 4, 2018

The Marpuri Family

Goodness the rain in Virginia Beach has been so unpredictable, constant and horrible.  It has really been hard to keep sessions from being rescheduled.  Auntie Gina and her husband Unlce JoJo celebrated a very big wedding anniversary and she asked to have family photos taken as her gift.  Yes!!!  And her dream was the beach!  Yes, again! 🙂  Except the weather was so iffy and we watched all day before we made the decision to brave it not knowing what the outcome would be.  Thank God for that radar app.

I am so glad we pushed through because the photos are absolutely gorgeous and spending an hour with this family was so much fun.  We laughed a whole lot and it was so fun getting to know everyone a little.  These guys found us as at a recent wedding we photographed.  They ran into Jake and asked him for our card.  I am so glad they contacted us.  🙂  Can you believe their son is a doctor in Chicago!  I was in awe, he looks so much younger than 29…them Filipino genes!

To the Marpuri Family, thank you so much for allowing us to take these precious photos of you.  I am so reminded of the importance of family photos and totally need to have ours done soon.  Something that can be cherished forever.  So much love and so enjoyed spending time with you guys! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  <3

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