Soule Family Session A Cavalier Family Session

November 8, 2018

The Soule Family 

I got a message from the sweetest Judith I ever did know!!! She asked me if we could rotate doing each other’s family sessions… and I was like, um, yes of course!!! We’ve had the privilege of knowing Eric and Judith for several years more as fellow wedding photographer’s, but not so much as friends.  We’d see them at wedding shows and all over social media, but we didn’t really connect until just recently.

I don’t know Eric a whole lot, but Judith…Judith is so awesome!!! She is full of joy and when she smiles her whole face just lights up!  I love authentic people who let what is inside out!  And she definitely does this.  She marches to her own beat and rhythm and is really amazing.  I’ve had the opportunity to get to know her a little over a coffee date and a second one to follow which is scheduled for tomorrow! Woot woot!

Judith is really great at bringing connection among photographers.  She not only teaches, but hosts meetings throughout theHampton Roads area, so that photographers from all different skill levels can come and connect and grow.  I love her heart.  I love that her family is so important to her and that she keeps that balance well between work and home.

Hanging with her family this day was fun!! It was so neat being able to meet all her little “shrimps,” as she calls them.  I see them on social media, but being able to meet them in person and see their little personalities was such a joy!

Judith, girl!!! Thank you so much for being so very awesome! I appreciate all you do in and for the wedding and photography industry!  Keep shining and fighting for a connected industry!  You are so great at what you do!  Thankful to get to know you a little! <3

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