Sean + Amanda . Married A Cary North Carolina Wedding

October 24, 2019

Sean + Amanda

About this time last year, we were heading down to Florida to catch a family cruise.  We planned it out so perfectly.  We would stop in North Carolina along the way to do Sean & Amanda’s engagement session at their wedding venue.  The wedding they’d have exactly one year later.  When we arrived on October 19, 2018, one year earlier at The Matthews House in Cary, North Carolina.  Jennifer and I scouted the venue out to see all that it had to offer.  The house and the grounds were a picturesque wedding photographer’s dream backdrop.

Shortly after, Sean, Amanda, and Juno pulled up.  Jennifer had talked to her on the phone several times before this date and just loved their personalities.  I have to admit that I agree with her.  These two were so nice, joyful and gentle-loving people.  They made us feel like family so quickly.  I knew their wedding wouldn’t be like work at all. The best weddings are when it feels like you’re just taking pictures of family!

Fast forward to a year to date later, Saturday October 19, 2019.  When we arrived at The Matthew’s House in Cary, North Carolina not much was different except the chairs that filled the lawn and all the wedding décor situated around.  It was still just as picturesque.  I looked out to the parking lot and a vehicle just arrived.  It was Amanda with the biggest smile and wave.  Her and a few of her bridesmaids jumped out and greeted me excitement and the biggest hug.  She was what ever bride should be on their wedding day; so excited & joyful. Jennifer was busy at work inside.

Not longer after Sean and his 11 entourage of groomsmen arrive.  He greets me with the warmest smile.  He introduced me to his groomsmen.  Now can I be honest?  I often wonder how groomsmen & the groom connects.  It didn’t take me long to see that all 11 of these guys had nothing but pure love for Sean.  During our time together, he gave a speech to them & had gifts for each of them.

Sean & Amanda are both event planners for a college in Florida, so it was so hard for them not to try to do what they do.

The first look between Sean & Amanda was by far the best one ever.  Sean’s eyes were full of tears before Amanda got outside. The minute he turned around he freaked out with the best kind of excitement.  It had to be one of my favorite things about their day.  I’ve only ever seen a groom almost fall to the ground once before.  In his expression and tears you could tell this his love for Amanda would be that FOREVER love.  I could feel his heart with just the way he stared at her.

Amanda also had the same kind of expressions & love for Sean all over her face.  I’m serious when I say I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a bride & groom so excited to marry each other.  You just knew this was truly the happiest day of their lives. I love the love they shared with each other throughout their day.  They are truly best friends.  Their friends & family were so fun & we loved watching them celebrate Sean & Amanda throughout the day & the night.

After they did the longest sparkler exit of all time, they stopped just before getting into their get-a-way car to hug both Jennifer & I.  They congratulated us our new baby girl.  Sean encouraged me to not stop running.  I’ve let those works sink into my heart.  I’d have to say that Jennifer & I came out on top with this wedding.  We got to share in their joy & being a part of the warmest moments with them.  We are forever thankful we did.

To Sean & Amanda, thank you, thank you, thank you for allowing the privilege of being a part of your lives.  It was the most perfect day, even despite the drizzling rain.  Thank you for laughing with all your hearts, smile with all your soul & cherishing every single moment of your day.  We hope that you stay in touch because you two are such wonderful people.







  1. Sharaon says:

    OH MY!! Each one is better than the next. You certainly have all the wonderful pictures you can think of and know that more will follow. Love you!

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