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Paul + Erin . Engaged! A Pagoda Garden Engagement!

We met this sweet couple, Paul & Erin at the Obici House Wedding show this past May.  They already had wedding photographers booked for their wedding in August in Long Island, New York; Erin is from there.  But they wanted engagement photos, so they could showcase at their wedding.  So, we got the honor to spend a couple hours with them and their adorable dog, Hailey (who was so perfect during her photos, as they said she would be!)

About the first 10 minutes of any engagement session, I am extremely nervous and so are my couples.  Most have never posed before and for me I am just learning their personalities.  I often take those times to loosen them up some with some tricks.  🙂  As we got started in our posing, I asked them how their day had been.  Surprisingly, Paul turns to me and says, “to be honest,  we’ve been fighting all day!”  Um, shocked because I had never heard that answer before.  I almost didn’t know how to answer that.  I immediately fell in love with them for their authenticity.  We need much more of it in society today. I mean lets be honest, most of us would have lied and said our day was completely fine.  He shared why they had been fighting and we laughed through it and moved on. It even gave me some teasing points for later.

They both serve in the U.S. Navy and Hailey is their sweet boxer dog.  She smiled so perfectly for the camera.  It didn’t take too long to get shots.  I guess she is a pro behind the camera.  They have taken her to see Santa and smiles on cue! Wow! This Pagoda Garden Engagement was perfect!

Wishing this beautiful couple a wonderful wedding in August and so many blessings to their future together!  Wish love! x0x0

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