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A Kissy Kissy Engagement

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Nate + Allie . Engaged! A First Landing "Kissy Kissy" Couple

A Kissy Kissy Engagement

The “kissy kissy” couple is the perfect way to describe Nate & Allie.  Every moment we stopped they were….well, kissing! Like seriously…anytime I would switch a lens or be in my camera bag for something they were making out in the background.  I thought it was perfect….I mean, isn’t it suppose to be that way?! Besides all their kissing, Allie had me mesmerized by her eyes.  This was the first time the three of us met each other.  They hired us on the basis of a good friend referring them to us.  And they traveled down from Richmond for their engagement session.  She is so stunning! I kept telling her it wasn’t fair that she was so pretty!  Jake even commented on how pretty she was when culling through their photos.  Now Nate, we think you are pretty gorgeous too! 😉

Allie is originally from Colorado and studied to be a dietician here in Virginia.  Nate and her met at the University of Richmond where they will be getting married in June.  These two are so perfect for each other.  I love how they “love” on each other with all their kissy kissy! 😉  I teased them about it during their session.  We cannot wait to celebrate with them in June.

To this handsome couple so many congratulations! We hope you enjoy these beautiful photos you created! x0x0

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  1. Bonnie Reava says:

    Such sweet photos. They depict the love and joy they have for each other. And you are right Allie is and has always been stunning ???? Nate’s a cutie too ????