Milk Bath Maternity Session What Inspired This & How We Did It

January 31, 2020

Virginia Wedding Photographer Milk Bath Maternity Session

Our Milk Bath Maternity

We cannot believe we will be welcoming our third baby (a girl), “Justice Joy,” in just a few weeks.  Her due date is 2. 20. 20.  How cool is that?  If you’re a numbers meaning kind of person the numbers 2 & 20 have a lot of meanings behind them.  We loved doing this Milk Bath Maternity Session & wanted to share with you how we were inspired & what we did to do it.

As Virginia Wedding Photographer’s we’ve always tried to plan our pregnancies during our “off-season” or slower months.  This time around we got pregnant a little sooner than expected, but really its the most perfect time.  February is usually the slowest month for wedding photographers & its no different for us.

The cool thing about being a husband & wife photography team we have the advantage of in house photographer access pretty much any time we want.  And recently I was on instagram & stumbled across a good photographer friends page.  She posted a milk bath maternity photo she’d recently done.  It was absolutely beautiful & reminded me how much I’ve always wanted to have this done myself.  Since this is our last baby, I loved the idea even more & started looking through Pinterest to get all the ideas on how to do a milk bath session & a vision on what I wanted.  Thank God for Pinterest, y’all; its like the best.

Truthfully,  I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a gorgeous lace dress, although they are absolutely breathtaking. One of our 2020 goals is rocking that frugal living life & this would have totally cut into our January budget & been so unplanned for.  So, I thought really hard of anything I already had on hand.  For milk bath maternity photos its good to use thin materials.  They photograph the best in the bath.  I remembered I bought some tulle to make Juliet & I some tulle skirts, but never got around to it.  It was a pinkish color, which really goes well with my skin tones.

It’s best to photograph these sessions in a big bath with a huge window right next to it.  Because lighting is key to make any photo excellent, ya’ll.  Get the light right & you’ve done 80% of the hard work already.  Thankfully, our master bathroom has this exact setup.  Woot woot for the win.   And woot woot woot for the best light eva!

After I determined the best bath in my house, I set out to our local Kroger’s & hit up their clearance flower section.  Remember I am doing all things to live frugal, so clearance sections are now my very best friend.  I grabbed some flowers & greenery that I thought would go well with the pink tulle I found & headed to the milk section.  I grabbed 3 gallons of whole milk because our bath is a little larger than the average size baths.  Its important to use whole milk for this because whole milk is thicker & denser, which gives that white look.  If you want more of a translucent look just use less milk.

When I got home I just filled the bath up with hot water because I know the milk would cool it down to perfect temperatures.  After I got the water to the height I wanted it to be I added the milk.  For the flowers, its so important to put these in after you get into the bath because they have trouble floating for too long.  Once I was in the bath, I placed the flowers all round me exactly where I wanted them.  Then my sweet husband, Jake, came in to take the photos.  He climbed on top of the bath, beside the bath & really maximized every angle.

Below are just a few of the photos he took.  I am so happy with how these turned out & so glad I decided to do them.  It was such an easy session to do & I actually want to start offering these for other pregnant women.  SO, if you know anyone that is expecting & might love these types of photos, please send them our way.  I’d so love to do something so beautiful like this for them.  Pregnancy is such a hard, but rewarding time & these milk bath maternity photos really reminded me how beautiful pregnancy is.  I love how they turned out so soft & sweet, just the way I am hoping Justice will be.

I so hope you love these photos as much as I do!

We can’t wait to meet you “Justice Joy!”  Just a few more weeks now!

Below are a couple more of my favorites from the session!

Virginia Wedding Photographer Milk Bath Maternity Session

Virginia Wedding Photographers Milk Bath Maternity Session

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