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Bryan & Michelle's Wedding

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Bryan + Michelle . Married A Culpepper Barn Wedding

Bryan & Michelle's Wedding

Bryan + Michelle

This day started with so many smiling faces, laughter, and “oh my goodness it’s finally here!”  It seems like I was just at the Culpepper Barn with Bryan & Michelle for their engagement session a year ago.  These two were so easy to fall in love with.  Michelle’s joy is infectious and Bryan is so warm and welcoming.  The perfect combo for an amazing couple in my opinion.   We could not have dreamed spending our last wedding of 2019 with this special couple.

Truthfully, I was watching the weather all week because I knew this venue was gorgeous and didn’t want any rain messing up our outdoor photo plans.  Each day my heart sunk when the weather said it would be high chances of rain. Michelle didn’t seem one bit bothered. At least none of her texts that week shared she was.  Saturday morning was here and the weather kept jumping around.  I began to prepare myself for a rainy afternoon and decided I would get wet for the best photos.  We made it all the way through the first look before the rain decided to show up.  Then Bryan & Michelle worked some magic with me and took cover under the barn while Jake & I danced back and forth through the rain to get some gorgeous photos. I am so thankful for those gorgeous barns and umbrellas to create some cover and help us get some photos we were so proud of!

One thing I have to say about this wedding is their family and friends deeply love them.  They were so present at every single step of the wedding day.  We had to kick them at out the most special moments like the first look.  But you could truly tell their family and friends wanted to be a part of every single step of Bryan & Michelle’s day.  When this happens I just know how close a family must be.  I am so glad to see these kinds of families.

My most favorite part of Bryan & Michelle’s wedding was their first look.  It has to be one for the books for us.  Bryan was crying way before Michelle ever stepped foot behind him.  You could tell his heart would explode if he had to wait any more seconds to turn around.  I loved watching their first look.  They shared some of the sweetest words and lots of tears.  Jake & I were tearing of too.  This is probably one of the top reasons I love first looks.  They are so much more special and intimate.  The couple really gets to enjoy each other so much more.

This wedding post is the last one of 2019 and I couldn’t think of a more perfect couple and wedding to end with than Bryan & Michelle’s.  We are so thankful we got to be a part of such a special memory!  Bryan and Michelle, we love you both!  Your day was a dream.  Your colors, dress, hair, makeup, suits, decorations and venue were so perfectly strung together.  It was perfect!!! Even with the rain! It was really our privilege to be the ones there to capture your day! Thank you for allowing us to be there.  We hope you enjoy this visual story in reliving your most special day!

With so much love!!!

– J&J

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