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Brandon + Clair . Engaged! A Chesapeake Arboretum Engagement Session

Brandon & Clair pulled up for their engagement session a little over a week ago at the Chesapeake Arboretum, Clair stepped out of the car and I was immediately taken back by her gorgeous face and sweet smile.  Her makeup was stunning and her curls and haircut almost made me ditch the session and head to the salon for a copycat style. Ha! Only kidding about ditching the session.  Shortly, thereafter, Brandon appeared around the side of the car perfectly dressed and incredibly handsome.  It was the first time I met Brandon & Clair.  I  had only seen photos of them on Clair’s Instagram before this day.  I sometimes get a little nervous if I haven’t met a couple before their session, but these two were so easy to fall in love with and were so much fun. I felt like I knew them forever! Actually, I dream of clients like these every day who brave climbing into cold streams bare foot and climbing  down muddy hills to get in the water with no reserve….well except for the mysterious bubbles coming from the stream that Brandon brought to our attention.  Thank God none of us lost any toes ;)!  (Inside Joke!) But seriously,  I sent Clair a text bring rain boots for the water and without question she showed up with a pair and was ready to climb into any water!  Complete dream.

Their session was perfect.  We walked, talked and joked around…and did lots more walking.  We did fun poses and a lot of nuzzling and some twirling and dancing and climbing…oh, and lots of unnecessary walking, but secretly the walking was designed so I could just talk to them because they are pretty cool ;)! (Only I will know if that is true or not!  It sounds good anyways!)  But all teasing aside this couple is so perfect.  Brandon loves the Dallas Cowboys like me.  Except he is a more loyal watcher than me, but still!  They love traveling and being busy and enjoying life.  Oh, and they are both gorgeous! So gorgeous! And fun!  And I CANNOT wait to celebrate their wedding with them in June at the Hermitage Museum, which is such an absolute perfect venue for them by the way.  I cant wait to meet all their friends and family and see how gorgeous they both will look! <3  I am seriously so glad and honored to have gotten to meet these two sweet people and to photograph such an incredible time in their lives and to have a whole lot of fun while doing it!   P.S.  Clair is a florist on the side, so if you are reading this and getting married and need a florist look her up or contact me! <3

So many congratulations to you both, Brandon and Clair! Thank you for being so incredibly fun and awesome!  Can we do it again? 😉  All my love-Jen!

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