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Best Virginia Engagement Photographer Norfolk Botanical Gardens Engagement Sessions

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Best Virginia Engagement Photographer Norfolk Botanical Gardens Zack + Amanda

Best Virginia Engagement Photographer Norfolk Botanical Gardens Engagement Sessions

Best Virginia Engagement Photographer Norfolk Botanical Gardens Engagement Sessions

Best Virginia Engagement Photographer: Capturing Love at Norfolk Botanical Gardens 

The Beauty of Norfolk Botanical Gardens

As the best Virginia engagement photographer, it was an absolute delight to capture Zack and Amanda’s engagement session at the stunning Norfolk Botanical Gardens, Virginia’s largest botanical garden. With over 60 different gardens to explore, this location offers something for every season and taste. From gardens showcasing styles from different parts of the world to those focused on a particular type of plant, Norfolk Botanical Gardens is a versatile and picturesque setting for any engagement session. Some gardens are filled with intense fragrance and color, while others are perfect for reflective contemplation. You’ll find manicured formality in some areas and untamed nature in others, ideal for spotting local birds and wildlife.

 Zack & Amanda’s Engagement Session

Zack and Amanda’s engagement session was held on a sunny day with temperatures on the hotter side, but the couple’s energy and enthusiasm made the session enjoyable and fun. Amanda’s mom joined us for the session, adding an extra layer of warmth and support. Amanda, a nutritionist, and Zack share a love for healthy eating and hiking, which was evident in their easy-going and adventurous spirit throughout the shoot.

The Norfolk Botanical Gardens provided a beautiful backdrop as we laughed, chatted, and got to know each other. The couple’s chemistry was palpable, and every shot captured their genuine affection and excitement for their future together. They are set to marry at one of our favorite venues, the Historic Post Office, next May, and we couldn’t be more excited to capture their special day.

Preparing for a Botanical Garden Engagement Session: FAQ

**Q: What should we wear for an engagement session at the botanical gardens?**
A: Choose light, comfortable clothing that complements the natural surroundings. Soft pastels, florals, and neutral tones work well. Comfortable shoes are also a must, as you’ll be walking through various garden areas.

**Q: How can we prepare for the weather?**
A: Check the forecast ahead of time. Bring water to stay hydrated, especially if it’s a hot day. Sunscreen and hats can also help protect you from the sun.

**Q: Are there any restrictions or rules we should be aware of?**
A: Yes, always check with the botanical garden for any specific guidelines regarding photography, attire, and permissible areas. Some gardens may require a permit for professional photography.

**Q: Can we bring props or personal items to our session?**
A: Absolutely! Props that reflect your personalities or relationship can add a unique touch to your photos. However, be mindful of the garden’s rules and ensure that your props don’t damage the plants or environment.

**Q: What time of day is best for a garden engagement session?**
A: Early morning or late afternoon (golden hour) provides the best natural light for photos. These times also tend to be less crowded, giving you more privacy and comfort during your session.

Thank You, Zack & Amanda

We had an incredible time capturing Zack and Amanda’s engagement session at Norfolk Botanical Gardens. Their love for each other and their vibrant personalities made the day truly special. As the best Virginia engagement photographer, we are honored to have been a part of this beautiful chapter in their lives. We eagerly anticipate celebrating with them next May at the Historic Post Office. Thank you, Zack and Amanda, for allowing us to capture your love story.

Best Virginia Engagement Photographer Norfolk Botanical Gardens

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