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A Glasgow Farm Fall Wedding

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Glasgow Farm Fall Wedding Addam + Breana Married

A Glasgow Farm Fall Wedding

A Glasgow Farm Wedding

We are so excited to share this Glasgow Farm fall wedding with you. It’s our second time at this beautiful farm. We love it and the sweet owners. Funny story, Breana grew up right across the street from the farm. I am sure she watched many weddings through her house windows. This time it was her and Addam’s turn to be the center of the celebration and the reason for all the loud music blaring down the country road. It was such a beautiful wedding day.

Breana, The Bride

Breana was such a sweet bride. From the moment I walked into her bridal suite to the very end of their day. Her face was always bright with joy, and she was so pleasurable to be around. Breana’s maid of honor, Jess, who is also Addam’s sister, was so helpful throughout the day. She also gave a killer speech at the reception. She shared how close she has grown with Breana and how thankful she is that Breana came into her brother’s life.

Addam, The Groom

Addam was such an easy and perfect groom. He also was all smiles the whole day. He is a pure example of someone who never gives up. Breana turned him down multiple times before she said yes to a date with him. The friend zone isn’t always a bad thing in the beginning because, in the end, his persistence got him the girl of his dreams.

The Joy’s of This Wedding

This Glasgow farm wedding was so perfect. The gorgeous green barn, the farm animal’s roaming freely, and the small field encircled by trees was the right location for Addam and Breana’s fall wedding.

Jake and I loved all the joy this family shared with their guests. They danced the night away. They laughed and enjoyed each other’s company. I think that was my favorite part of this day. Watching all the guests have fun celebrating with Addam and Breana, especially with this hard season we’ve all been going through. It was nice to be able to watch people be joyful. The group of people had that.

Thank You

To Addam and Breana, thank you for allowing us to be a part of your beautiful Glasgow farm wedding. We love this place so much and were so honored to celebrate with your friends and family. We pray you both have such a wonderful life together and that these photos will be a forever reminder of your vows and all the wonderful people that shared in your day. Jake and I wish you a life of so much joy! Thank you for having us!

With love,

Jake and Jennifer

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