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First Landing Fall Engagement

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First Landing Fall Engagement Serg & Chantelle

First Landing Fall Engagement

This First Landing Fall engagement session is beautiful. I got a text from Chantelle letting me know that she arrived, so I jumped out of the car and turned around. There she was. She looked gorgeous in her wine-colored velvet dress. When I saw her in her dress, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I had been looking for a dress just like the one she had on for our fall family session. I was excited to ask her where she got it from.

Up to this day, Chantelle and I have only texted or talked on the phone. Her bubbly and upbeat personality makes her an easy person to talk to and connect with. During the walk to our location at First Landing for their Fall engagement session, Chantelle asked me so many questions. Usually, it’s me asking all the questions. Her personality was so refreshing to be around.

Serg & Chantelle are two of the sweetest people. You know when you meet someone and you know INSTANTLY that they are going to be amazing? That’s what I experienced my entire time with Serg and Chantelle. I enjoyed my one on one time with them.

Serg & Chantelle are getting married next fall. They contacted me almost a year ago to book their engagement session for this November. Jake and I couldn’t be more excited for their fall 2020 wedding here in Virginia Beach. It was so easy to capture genuine laughter, smiles, and sweet moments. If their wedding is anything like their engagement session it’s going to be so much fun.

To Serg & Chantelle, thank you for being so wonderful. Jake and I can’t wait to meet your family and friends next fall for your wedding. Wishing you both a happy engagement!!!

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