Meet The Photographers

This is US!!!  We are Jennifer and Jake Vinluan and we are so glad you stopped by.   We seriously feel honored that you stumbled upon our little place on the internet.  We are  wedding photographers based out of Virginia Beach, VA (we love to travel  & do often) and we absolutely love celebrating with our brides and grooms on the greatest day of their lives.  We do not take the privilege lightly!  If our relationship goes beyond just you stopping by website you will hear us thank you for entrusting us so many times!  

It is the groom who whispers sweet words to his bride during their first look,  the mom whose tears just can't stop flowing as she places the veil on her daughters head or watching the father's face when he sees his only daughter for the first time as a beautiful bride.  We get to be a part of some of the greatest moments.  The moments no one else sees and this is why we feel honored that you would entrust us!  We will laugh, cry, smile and feel all the joy right along side you as you celebrate the greatest day of your life!  And we mean that with everything inside of us.  

Photographing amazing weddings for the happiest couples alive and having a little fun while we do it! 

Jennifer Vinluan

Jake Vinluan

Natural Encourager,  lover of family & creating awesome relationships, runner, totally awkward, obsessed with blush, candy and diy projects!!

Phenomenal dad & husband, natural born leader, action figure collector, the greatest smile on the planet (Jennifer typing here)!!

Meet Our Amazing Family

Jake, Jennifer, Jenson & Juliet....still working on convincing Jake to get a dog to add to the Vinluan tribe, but for now we also have Brish and Bella our two fish!

The Vinluan Kids!

Being a parent is one of the hardest and most rewarding things in the world.  Their energy, smiles and laughter makes every day....the easy days, the hard days and everything in between so worth it!  These two challenge us in ways we never imagined.  They are constant reminders to look at life as a whole & not just to a stressful moment but yet to stop in the hustle and bustle of our busy lives and just play on the floor with them and enjoy the small things because the realization we wont get that moment back is ever true and before us.  

Jenson & Juliet

Scroll through to read a little about each of them. 

Meet Jenson Vinluan

Jenson, almost 6 is like the best thing that has happened to us. He is the sweetest most tender-hearted little boy. Loves climbing, jumping and learning. He wants to be an action figure collector like his dad when he grows up!  

Meet Juliet Vinluan

Juliet, almost 2 1/2 is the most emotional, sassy, diva I've ever seen. When she is happy it feels like fields of gorgeous flowers while leaping through, but when she is upset my greatest description would be help! She loves her paci, mommy & (currently) annoying her big brother. She has the most beautiful eyes! 



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