Michael + Kathleen . Married A Founders Inn Wedding

Michael + Kathleen We pulled up to the Founder’s Inn in Virginia Beach and there were cars everywhere.  The parking lot was so full and people were hustling in and out of the hotel.  As we walked inside there were people everywhere. They had several events going that day from conferences to weddings.  We navigated through […]

October 16, 2019

Michael & Kathleen's Wedding

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Thomas + Amelia . Married A Botanical Gardens Wedding

Thomas + Amelia One of my favorite things about being a wedding photographer is when Jake and I get the honor of being invited back into another celebration for one of our bride’s family or friends.  It is one of the greatest joys.  I remember the day I realized Amelia was Nina’s sister.  I didn’t […]

September 29, 2019

Thomas + Amelia Botanical Gardens Wedding

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Tyler + Caitlin . Married A "Tropical Storm Dorian" Wedding

Tyler + Caitlyn We completely agree that there must be a first time for everything.  Photographing weddings at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront as Tropical Storm Dorian skirted the coast was definitely a first.  Tyler and Caitlin’s small intimate wedding took place at the Hilton Garden Inn Virginia Beach Oceanfront.  It seems to be a popular […]

September 20, 2019

Tyler + Caitlyn Married

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Carlan + Priscilla . Married A Hilton Virginia Beach Oceanfront

Carlan + Priscilla During the summer the Virginia Beach oceanfront can be a little crowded with so many vacationers.  Labor Day weekend is no exception.  It was the last day of August and the last Saturday before kids go back to school. The sun was nice and hot and the beach was filled with colored umbrellas, […]

September 11, 2019

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Joe + Ashley . Married A Woman's Club of Portsmouth Wedding

Joe + Ashley One of my favorite moments to experience during any wedding is the joy, excitement and solemn realization of a new life starting a new journey together.  Most the time this happens with tears and other times with pure joy shared on the bride and grooms face. I love getting the front row […]

September 6, 2019

Joe & Ashley Wedding Photo

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Rocco + Hannah . Married A Virginia Beach Oceanfront Wedding

Rocco + Hannah Rocco and Hannah met working together at the Texas Roadhouse in Virginia Beach.  Jake & I met Hannah at a wedding show last November in Virginia Beach.  She said she just loved our personalities, but I know it was all Jake.  A few weeks after the wedding show Hannah and her best […]

August 24, 2019

Hannah and Rocco Virgina Beach Oceanfront Wedding Photo

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Todd + Sarah . Married A Culpepper Barn Wedding

Todd + Sarah This wedding included three firsts for us!  It was our first time photographing a wedding at the gorgeous Culpepper Barn in Virginia Beach.  This barn is such a perfect location for rustic style weddings.  It sits just on the corner of Indian River Road and Princess Anne Road tucked to the side.  […]

August 11, 2019

A Culpepper Barn Wedding

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Kevin + Krystal . Married A Water Table Wedding

Kevin + Krystal We asked Krystal what her favorite thing about Kevin is and here was her exact response!  “Definitely his humor! He has a sense of humor that is so unique and unpredictable.”  I just have to start their blog here because Kevin’s humor is absolutely unique and unpredictable.  You almost had to be […]

July 31, 2019

A Virginia Beach Water Table Wedding

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Jim + Lisa . Married! A Vista Creek Wedding

Jim + Lisa A few weeks ago we headed south to North Carolina to photograph Jim & Lisa’s wedding at the gorgeous Vista Creek venue in Manteo, NC, which is run by Jason & Courtney Marshall, an awesome couple that started in the wedding industry at the same time as us.  This specific Saturday was […]

July 23, 2019

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Tacuma + Kendall . Married A St Joseph's Villa & Havana 59 Wedding

Tacuma + Kendall Tacuma & Kendall! After months and months of planning their day was finally here! I will never forget the first time I spoke to them on the phone. We were parked in a parking lot in Newport News somewhere about to head to another wedding.  I loved talking with Kendall.  She was […]

June 27, 2019

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