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October 10, 2018

Melvin & Susan

We love these two so much!!! Melvin & Susan are sorta family friends and we had to best opportunity to photograph their wedding a few years ago.  They are like some of our biggest fans too; constantly, sending up clients, so we sorta love them a little extra for that.  I actually remember when Susan first told me she was pregnant, we were riding in the elevator of the Cavalier going to her best friend’s engagement session.  I was so excited for her.  It is really an honor to be able to hear these big news things before friends do! Actually, today one of our past client’s and now friends just messaged me to tell me she was due and she just found out a day or so ago!!! So glad to be trusted with such awesome news.

SO, the little baby Olivia that is taking up residence in Susan’s belly actually made her debut yesterday night a little after 9:26 pm.  I teased Susan during the session that all the walking I had her doing was probably gonna bring little Miss Olivia sooner and I was right (as least I will pretend I was).  She was 13 days early.  🙂  Mom and baby are doing so good!  Can’t wait to meet the perfect Korean Filipino mix!  And wishing these two a very congratulations!! We are so so happy for you both! So much love sweet friends! <3

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