Josh + Holly Engaged! A First Landing Engagement Session

October 17, 2018


I met these two, Josh & Holly, for the first time on their actual engagement session at First Landing State Park. Our past client/friend, Jinsy, referred them to us.  Thank you, JINSY!!!  About 20 minutes into the session, Holly confessed her and Josh both had a couple drinks before the session.  I laughed because she was that nervous.  Sometimes I forget how nervous people get when taking photos because I am always on the camera end. I am not gonna lie that I always show up a little nervous meeting new people too. About 15-20 minutes in we are all  laughing, relaxed and having the best time eva!  This was so true about Josh & Holly.

On our walk in to the further parts of the park, I loved listening to how Josh proposed to Holly on Dam Neck beach in the middle of a tropical storm and how Holly said a few curse words before she said yes!  Haha!  I mean if you are gonna go big that might be the best way and time to propose.  But what I loved most about these two was how perfect they are for each other.  I loved Holly’s sweet and relaxed nature, thank you to those drinks beforehand! 😉

These guys are getting married in December on a cruise.  Um, jealous!!! <3  But so excited for them.  Wishing them the best wedding ever and I hope they enjoy it so very much.

Josh & Holly, I had such a wonderful time hanging with you too.  I know I say that about every couple, but it is so true.  You both were fun and a joy and I loved getting to know you both so very much!  Hoping you enjoy the rest of your engagement and these gorgeous images!!! So much love you two!!! <3

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