Meet our Sweets! The two that make us Tick!

Not only do we serve amazing brides and their grooms because we absolutely love to, but we do it for these two little faces.  Friday is often known as the day of introductions on Instagram, “Friday Introductions” to be exact.  This is where many business owners use the opportunity to introduce themselves and encourage others […]

September 8, 2017

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The Many Hats How to Keep Balance In All the Roles of Life

Daughter of God, Wife, Mother, Daughter of my mother and father, Sibling, Business Owner, Teacher, Friend and so much more!  These are just some of the roles & hats I wear every day and I know you wear just about the same and maybe even more. Recently, I took our two-year-old daughter, Juliet, to check […]

August 24, 2017

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The Adventures of Personal Blogging Begin

So here it goes, the portion of our business that is probably lacking the most, personal blogging.  I mean it is something that sounds like a great idea to do, but every time I try and think about something to write about my mind goes absolutely blank.  I can blog my clients and my photo-shoots […]

February 23, 2017

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