Todd + Alyssa’s Wedding

June 22, 2018

Todd + Alyssa

What a wedding! 🙂  I don’t think it has ever rained so hard on a wedding day than on Todd & Alyssa’s.  They say rain on your wedding day is good luck, so these two are gonna have the best luck and marriage.  🙂  I have to say I am so happy that the rain stopped for a few moments so we could get some non-rain photos.  Whew!  🙂  And this couple was so amazing and patient to wait for that moment because we didn’t think they were gonna get it.  And thank God for clear umbrellas and photographers like us that are willing to stand in the pouring rain for that shot! <3 Haha.

I met Alyssa for the first time at her walk through at the Mariner’s Museum in Newport News.  She was so sweet.  I know, I know you are probably thinking I say that about everyone, but really Alyssa is so sweet and she smells absolutely amazing (weird, but true).  I loved her perfume so much that I made Jake buy me some.  On my way home from our first meet-up I have a funny story that I have to share.  I made a wrong turn and somehow ended up on the Newport News shipyard.  Why they have no gates is besides me.  I was suddenly being chased by shipyard cops and had no idea why?!  Because I had no idea I was in a restricted area.  Needless to say I had fun sitting and explaining myself for about an hour before they let me go. The next time I hung out with these two was during their engagement session.  They live in the cutest house that overlooks the James River and so fits their personality.

My favorite thing about these two wedding day was watching how much Alyssa’s girls loved her.  They were there at every step and the connection she had with each of them was evident.  I also loved just hanging out with them as their photographer.

These two took a two week honeymoon! And I know they are enjoying it.  To Todd & Alyssa-wishing you the best marriage ever.  Thank you SO much for allowing us to be a part of your wedding and for letting us into your lives.  We love you!  <3

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