Eric + Kailey . Married A Historic Post Office Wedding

May 17, 2018

Eric + Kailey

Last December I got home from Eric and Kailey’s engagement session telling Jake how much fun these two were.  We laughed, teased and honestly had the best time that evening!  These two are extremely likable and easy to get along with.  When Eric is around there is always laughter; always!  His sense of humor is the best.  Kailey is the best match for him with her sweet personality and beautiful smile.  After hanging out with these two during their engagement session I knew that once their wedding day was here is was going to be just as fun!  I was right! These two were surrounded by such amazing family and friends on their wedding day, and there were such sweet moments that stuck out to me as I captured each part of the day.  And you know a wedding is gonna be good when there are food trucks and donut stands.

I absolutely loved how much Kailey put her personal touch on her wedding.  She hand made so many things.  The little ring box to hold her ring, her veil, her earrings, her champagne glasses and countless other things.  She is so talented and I was so impressed!  Eric even made a bench for everyone to sign.  So cool.

The moment I loved the most about their wedding was their first look.  They decided to share their vows during this time.  It could not have been any more intimate and special and I know they will treasure that time they spent together alone for a life time.  It was beautiful and each of them shared such special words and beautiful tears.  These two are so lucky to have found each other and I love how Eric knows he got the best!  The way he looks at her and the way he speaks and treats her, it is evident he knows!

These two really made us feel like their best friends.  We did not feel like their photographers.  Just like their engagement session we laughed with them, hung out with, them teased with them and really had the best day with them.  At the end of the night as we were saying our goodbyes, I whispered to Kailey, that she would be a person I would want to be friends with.  I truly meant that.  Her calm and sweet personality is so comforting.  She laughed and said, I am sorry when I was taking charge during the family portraits.  I laughed because she thought she was being mean.  Sweet Kailey, you were a dream and definitely were no where near a bridezilla.

To Eric & Kailey, we hope you stay in our lives.  We truly think you two are kindred spirits and we hope that our journey together doesn’t end today, but that you will stay connected with us through the years to come.  We love you and wish the very best wedding.

Super huge shoutout to the amazing vendor team which I will not link because we’ve been having trouble with our website and malicious links.  I will mention them below though! Please be sure to contact me if you need their contact info. xoxo J&J

  1. Barbara Waples

    May 17th, 2018 at 7:01 pm

    Congratulations Eric and Kailey! You are a beautiful couple. I wish you much love in your future.

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