Chad + Rachael . Married A Billsburg Brewery Wedding

July 6, 2018

Chad + Rachael

This wedding was a lot of fun.  It wasn’t our typical 8 hour wedding and was much more laid back and low key, which Chad and Rachael were going for.  They both wanted it to be a fun family atmosphere.  Chad even got out of his suit and into a more comfortable black t-shirt and jeans by the reception and Rachael was so happy to see him do so.

These guys got married at the Wren Chapel at Williams and Mary and it was so good to be back there.  Of course it rained during their bride groom portraits, which is nothing new this wedding season.  We still got some really great photos that I am so proud of.  And these two were such good souls to track through the rain with smiling faces.  Thank God for a few clear umbrellas to provide some shelter and pretty photos.

Rachael and Chad’s family were both incredibly sweet.  I sat and talked to Rachael’s mom for a good bit of time and enjoyed hearing about her life.  Chad’s intertwined family made us feel so welcome.  And the Billsburg Brewery was such a perfect spot for their reception.

Chad & Rachael’s day could not have been any more perfect for them.  Intimate, relaxed and so much fun!  And goodness, Rachael’s red hair and soft skin were absolutely gorgeous to photograph.

Wishing this adorable couple a life of true happiness and joy! And some REALLY beautiful babies too! All our love! Jake & Jen

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