Timeless Styled Events A Virginia Wedding Planning Vendor You Must Check Out!!!

February 7, 2020

Virginia Wedding Event Planner

Timeless Styled Events

As Virginia Wedding Photographers, we get to work with some incredible vendors in the Virginia area and when we come across stellar vendors we love to tell our brides all about them.   We met Mary Pilkingston with Timeless Styled Events in July 2019 at Bryan & Michelle’s wedding at the gorgeous Culpepper Barn in Virginia Beach.  Her & her team run an excellence wedding planning business & provide exceptional service; hands down.  It was probably one of the most perfectly executed weddings we’ve ever been a part of.  Mary & her team were present at every single turn of the wedding.  Nothing was out of place & everything went so smoothly.

We often get pushed under some of the roles of wedding planners as wedding photographers, making sure a timeline is being followed & the right people are where they need to be.  This can cause us to have to run around when people aren’t in the exact places they need to be.  We definitely don’t mind doing it, if we have to, especially since we write wedding photography timelines for our brides anyways.  But it can become an added thing for us if we aren’t prepared for it.   We’ve found this important piece of the day with many wedding planners to be lacking. 

As we got to work with Mary & her team everything flowed perfectly.  Her and her team were constantly present.   We found ourselves relaxing  because she was doing things that normally fall on Jake & I.  Even better their overall presence during the entire wedding was relaxed as if everything was just magically being taken care of without any effort.    To us, this showed stellar planning & organization beforehand, which is a must when you are looking at hiring a wedding coordinator.  

Jake & I couldn’t stop complimenting Timeless Styled Events on their excellence.  When hiring or consider to hire a wedding planning company organization, how they handle the stresses of wedding days, their presence, their team compatibility, attention to your details/desires, being timely, their excellence to creating your vision & their overall personality all should be key factors you look for in wedding planners.  Please do not just go with inexpensively priced wedding planners in hopes to save a few dollars & don’t just pick the pricier ones either.  Do your research, read reviews, & ask other vendors what their experience with working with specific vendors has been. 

Hands down, in our 8 years of experience, Timeless Styled Events, has been one of the best wedding planner teams we’ve ever worked with.  They are professional, organized, relaxed & fun.  Definitely, check them out! You’ll thank us later!

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